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Please can you tell me if neutering a 9 year old dog is necessary?


  1. Lioness says:

    Here’s what I would do:

    Take the dog to the vet and have a full blood panel run. The works, not just a "mini panel". Make sure all his organs are in tip top shape. Talk to the vet and ask if he/she feels the dog is healthy enough to undergo the surgery.

    Neutering is a pretty non-invasive procedure, and there are many precautions the vet can take to make it as safe as possible.

    Without question, if the blood panels come back A-OK, I would have the dog neutered. He will be healthier for it in the end.
    IF the blood panels show any problems that concern the vet, I would take the results to the rescue and explain to them the because of his bloodwork showing xxx, you would like to avoid any anesthesia because it is a risk to his health.

    Add: As was mentioned above, in this case I would definately opt for the laser surgery – it will help him recover faster.

  2. amanda g says:

    At his age he can still father puppies and it is A safe procedure.

  3. Vet Tech says:

    Yes, I do think it is necessary. Especially considering older intact dogs are notorious for being diagnosed with testicular cancer and prostatitus,among other things.

    Have your vet run a complete blood panel prior to his big day to ensure he is healthy enough for the anesthetic. Also, if your vet has Cevo anesthetic available, I would request it. Cevo is a "safer" anesthetic that is recommended for older pets.

  4. Mastiff Mommy says:

    If yopu want to keep him it is necessary- Other wise they will take him back- any time you put a dog under there is a risk- However I really feel klike it’s in your best intrest to get him fixed. He’ll be fine- I’m sure of it:)

  5. Juan says:

    i dnt know if its safe for the fact that hes old and if hes already gentle natured u shouldnt do it because dogs become even more mellow when u fix them.

  6. dogilvr says:

    Yes, it is still necessary. Even if he’s older he’s still a male, and he will do "male dog things". It’s safest to have him neutered, even at an older age.

    Shelters often require this because of overpopulation of dogs. Breeding by accident can cause serious health problems in the offspring.

  7. ☼Hello Sunshine☼ says:

    Talk to the guy whose 17 year old Chihuahua just impregnated his Pomeranian:;_ylt=AmTZy2cB.rjHGZa82Lel.mTL7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080522162703AAD073q

  8. Lesley B says:

    yes i would unless you want to breed him

  9. Mr. P's Person says:

    Yes it is for more reasons than one too. Not only will you be saving him from several types of cancer and stop him siring puppies you may also risk losing him back to the shelter if you don’t follow through and have him neutered. Neutering is very quick and simple to do. Poor boy should have had it done years ago, but be a responsible owner and have him neutered ASAP.

    It shocks me so many shelters seem to be letting intact dogs go these days.

  10. Stacey S. says:

    Humane societys are just automatically suppose to neuter and spade all dogs tht come in.. ours does…

    but i think its safe and necessary if your dog gets out and/or u get like, a female dog later

  11. sharlarose says:

    It is safe to neuter any male dog over 1 1/2 yrs old.

  12. Rose Red says:

    It is more important now than ever. As he gets older he is more prone to prostate problems. Having an enlarged prostate can lead to many serious problems. The biggest problem is cancer, but also urinary issues as well. You can do pre-operative blood work prior to anesthesia to make sure he is OK. Anesthesia deaths are few and far between (but always a possibility). We do surgeries on geriatric patients all the time (mostly for dentals). For a J.R. 9 is still fairly young. I would go ahead and neuter him.
    As someone said before me Sevoflorane is known to be a safer gas anesthetic. It is a little more expensive. Isoflurane is also great but if given a choice go w/ Sevo.

  13. boo says:

    It is necessary to keep him. If you are worried about the procedure try the laser surgery. It is a little more costly but also easier to recover from. Ask your vet the same question, he will ease your minds.

  14. Puppy Lover says:

    yes it is necessary because you never know when he can go off and have pups. lol. and he may be a bit aggresive or may spray urine.

  15. gentleannie says:

    Yes it’s necessary, safe and is healthier for him, it will cut down on the risk of prostrate problems, including cancer. Thank you for rescuing him and I’m sure he thanks you too.

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