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my baby chicken is sneezing! whats wrong? also how can i get rid of the smell if giving a bath is not good?


  1. ~lollipop~ says:

    Well I kept 11 baby chicks (Derbyshire Redcaps) in my dining room for a while. The only way to get rid of the smell is to leave the window open throughout the day (with the heat lamp still on) and to clean them out everyday. I would also recommend for you to not just remove the bedding and replace it, but to wipe around the pen with a disinfectant (suitable for poultry). When you have cleaned them out, it helps if you remove any poop you see everytime you pass them. It helps to keep the smell down. The sneezing must be normal because my chicks used to do it and we haven’t had one chick die which is quite rare! Also a bantam hatched our eggs so all of them hatched! We were incredibly lucky!

    ~Good Luck~

  2. Oryx says:

    If you give them a large basin of clean water they may go in it and end up cleaner when they come out. Don’t let the sneezing one in. It sounds like he has a cold. If he doesn’t get better in a few days consider taking him to a vet so it doesn’t get worse and become a lung infection.

    Also, make sure the place is well ventilated. He may be breathing in something that is irritating his lungs/nose.

  3. CF_ says:

    it should not smell bad.. has a vet seen him/her?

    if it is sick you would stress it out by bathing..
    what kind of bedding are you using? Cedar Shavings will cause breating problems

    this pet chicken link might help too…

    really – consider a vet.. why is it smelling??

  4. me♥ says:

    iv had 2 baby chicks living in my room for about 5 week mine started sneesing theres nothing wrong it will ware of in about a week but it might come bak but theres nothing wrong.and well my room abulutly stunk you can get rid of the smell if you clean them out everyday but there will still be a slight odour try not to use air freshener just open a window or something.

    hope i helped


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