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Is there a difference in trimming hooves of gaited Tennessee Walkers that are show horses?


  1. Ehawlz says:

    The proper angles that are on a properly built Tennessee Walking Horse that is used for something, like exclusively trail should be the same as a TWH that is shown in flat shod classes, or a TWH that is wearing stacks. Same as SaddleBreds that wear pads.

    The angles that you want in a TWH, however differ from the average horse. You want a little bit more toe, but you don’t want to sacrifice heel to get that toe.

    When picking a farrier to shoe a TWH, it is vital that you not only pick someone who knows what they’re doing, because many claim to, and will literally ruin horses. I’ve seen several that ended up lame for life, or close to it because of poor farriers. The usual problem is they will cut off all the heel to give the illusion of a long toe.
    Look through the questions that I’ve asked recently to see pictures of more poor shoeing, to see one the the worst shoeing jobs of all time. Only this horse has far too much heel.

  2. equinechick says:

    I would recommend you speak to your vet and farrier. I work with animals and have years and years of experience and training with horses and have found the info you get on these boards is not always very accurate. Sometimes it is downright dangerous. If you are going to try to trim your horses yourself…I wouldn’t recommend it. You could cause some serious problems if you don’t know what the heck you are doing. If you think you got a bad trim then get a second opinion from a reputable farrier or vet.

  3. lyla says:

    yes, gaited horses are trimmed differently. your farrier should know the angles of a twh; theyre different than that of lets say a quarter horse. i cant remeber what the angles of a gaited horse should be, but your farrier should. if he doesnt, you’ve got some problems and should probably get a new farrier. nothing really has to be done differently in whats trimmed/shod, just the difference in angles.

    edit: i’ve heard closer to 50 for twh, closer to 55 for quarter horses. they should be different angles. breed makes a difference in angle of hoof

  4. ღஜღEasy Riderღஜღ says:

    You can trim any breed the same, with a neutral angle and short *censored* length, it is possible to enhance the gait of a horse through subtle increase in heel length or toe length. The reality is that while a truly ‘gaited’ horse can display it’s gait, not all are so gift-gaited that they stay in perfect gait all all speeds. Purposeful breeding and conformational differences from one horse to the next means some have a picture perfect gait while others may lean toward being slightly trotty and others slightly pacey. Subtle changes in hoof angles and lengths can help neutralize gait imperfections and as long as
    it’s done carefully by a knowledgable farrier, no harm will be done to the horse.

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