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how do I know if my cat is producing enough milk for her kitten?


  1. RT says:

    If the kitten isn’t being fed you’d know. She would be very agitated, crying and squirming. If she’s sleeping soundly and you see her nurse most likely she’s getting enough milk. With only one kitten it shouldn’t be much of a problem with there not being enough milk.
    However, there is a certain way that you can find out if she’s getting enough nutrition and that’s to weigh her every day at the same time. You really should do this with any kittens as it’s the best, and maybe only, way to know how the kitten is doing. Weight loss or failure to gain weight is a sign that something is wrong and the kitten needs to see a vet.
    Get a kitchen/food scale that shows grams and that the kitten will fit on even when it gets bigger. A kitten weighs about 100 grams at birth and should gain 10 grams a day. So if the kitten is seven days old it should weigh about 170 grams, give or take. As they get older they won’t gain as much but they should gain some every day to every 2-3 days after about the 3rd week or so.

  2. Kelly says:

    Next time your kitty goes to have a feeding on momma, time about twenty mins. If shes nursing and pawing the mothers belly she is stimulating milk flow. Pick up the kitty after eating and right bellow her ribs should stick out more. This is her belly, If it feels egual or smaller then the ribb cage she may not be getting enough!

  3. Jr. is angry says:

    not to sound insulting, but if she was not producing enough milk, the kitten would be dead. they need to eat every two hours for the first two weeks. mom sleeps with the kittens for about 23 hours a day for the first two weeks and free feeds. unless the kitten gets too hot, then she sleeps near by.

    the first sign of starvation in a kitten is, it screams. when the kitten cries, mom is suppose to check on it, find out what is wrong, feed if hungry. if mom does not have enough milk, kitten will just keep screaming, even if mom nurses it. as long as his tummy is empty, he screams.

    well fed kittens fall asleep after nursing.

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