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How do i get my dog to stop peeing on the carpet ?


  1. Elad iSportech says:

    If you’re looking for something to do, why not make a mini agility course in your local park or something and see if you can train your dog to do that? You can buy the kits off the internet. I tried to teach my dog but then he developed a hip problem so I stopped, but it’s a great form of exercise and can be turned into a hobby to keep both of you entertained.

  2. Troy Pitsenbergert says:


  3. Kathleen says:

    You have trained him to use your house as a toilet, regardless of the training pads.

    Crate train your puppy to help you housebreak him.

  4. JenVT says:

    Well, by not training him properly to go outside you have simply taught him it’s fine to pee in the house. Most dogs can’t tell the difference between the pee pad and the $5000 oriental rug. IDK what you planned to do when he starts lifting his leg?? Line the wall with pee pads?? Train him properly and be done with it.

  5. Just me says:

    Have you moved the puppy pads? Dogs sometimes find a favorite spot to go, and he might have gotten used to the location rather than the pad itself.

    Keep a close eye on him. If you see him sniffing around like he’s going to go, take him outside right away. If you catch him in the act, take him outside right away. Leave him outside for a little while too, so he understands. Make sure you take him outside within half an hour of eating and drinking, because puppies can’t hold it until they get a little older. Give him lots of praise and maybe a treat when he does go outside, he’ll learn that’s where to go to the bathroom.

    Good luck!!

  6. Adele says:

    Don’t use the training pads in the first place, now he thinks it’s ok to urinate in the house because you taught him to and has no clue what grass is for. Take away the training pads, crate train him, walk him multiple times a day, the exercise and the different smells will stimulate him to go.
    And get a real dog.. you want a animal to sit in a house all day and go in one spot get a cat.

  7. Charlie says:

    Because he peed on carpet, he will continue to do so because he can smell it…
    The easiest way to do this…is first clean your carpet… vinigar is helpful in removing
    urine scents….
    Make sure puppy is confined to an area, that is not on the carpet..!
    Take the puppy out at least every 3 hours….(with lots of praise when he goes outside)
    This can take a couple of months, be patient..!
    When you can’t take him out , make sure he is confined or caged…
    When your home and he is running loose, make sure you keep an eye on him
    every second..

    If another animal peed on carpet previous to you owning this puppy, the scent is still
    there… clean the carpet.. =)

  8. DwyJakes says:

    You should try taking the PeePads outside to show your puppy that’s the place he/she should be going. Also try a lot of positive reinforcement once they go. I use a clicker and then immediately reward the dog with a treat.

    I dint know if your dog is going when you are home or not. If it is going on the rug when you are home, try keeping a better eye on the dog and when you see them about to go towards the rug, immediately bring them outside. (this is annoying at first, but eventually the dog will get the hang of it, just be patient)

    If the dog is going when you are not at home, try to crate train, or keep the dog in an area where expensive rugs are not found. My dogs stay in the kitchen and den where we have tiled flooring. I leave the pee pads in case there is an emergency. Even if they "miss" the pee pad, at least I wont be upset that they ruined my rug.

    And sorry some people are not being very helpful here. I understand the need sometimes to use Pee Pads with your puppy. Training a dog is difficult, wish you the best of luck!

  9. PRINTS says:

    Yes, CRATE TRAIN. This duplicates the den the mother dog would keep her puppies in. The cage should be only large enough for him to stand up in and turn around. No larger. Keep him in the cage unless you are DIRECTLY supervising him on a TILED SURFACE. Do the following:

    1. Buy a cage and keep the cage in the main part of the house.
    2. Offer him a treat when he goes in the cage, and praise for going in.
    3. Keep him in the cage unless directly supervised.
    4. Each morning, let him outside. Go with him and have him on a leash to keep him on task and to be sure he has done anything.
    5. When he is successful, praise like he just produced a million bucks. Bring him inside and give him a treat.
    6. Feed him.
    7. Repeat 4 and 5.
    8. You can either put him back in the cage or play with him.
    9. If you play with him, it MUST be on a TILED SURFACE. Only allow him to play for the amount of time he can reliable hold it. This might only be about 10 minutes.
    10. Leave him in the cage unless you are directly supervising him on the tiled surface. This will remain the rule until around one year of age, unless you are entirely certain he is totally house trained before that. Allowing him on carpeting only asks for problems and accidents. This makes the carpeting smell like a place to potty.
    11. You can take him out to play, at any time, but let him outside, first and repeat all the steps regarding that.
    12. Do not put any food or water in the cage. A rawhide or other chew toy is O.K., but that is all.

    If he has any accidents while playing ON THE TILED SURFACE, pick it up or soak it up and put on the grass. Bring the puppy out and gently show it to him. In a kind voice, say: "Good dogs go out". Then, make no more of it. Scolding will be of no significance and will only confuse him. Dogs LIVE FOR PRAISE.

    Eventually, your puppy will like his cage and will even take naps in it when he is older. Always give him a treat when entering the cage. Never use the cage for punishment. If you put him in the cage, just do it but do not scold for any reason. The cage will also allow you to go out of the house and return to no messes. This makes for a happy puppy, less stress on you, less valuables destroyed, safer for puppy who might chew something dangerous. Cages are humane because they keep dogs from going to the shelter and are also a good way to help a puppy or dog settle down, if it gets too wound up. Get a book on cage training. Never put the cage in an isolated part of the house – this is punishment for a dog, and it will resent it.

    If he keeps urinating often or suddenly when he may have just gone out, have him checked for a bladder infection.

  10. Chasey says:

    Don’t use the pads and don’t rub the nose in it, because the potty pads will tell it that it can pee inside and you don;t want that and rubbing it’s nose it it will tell him to do it more and he will continue to do it and you don’t want that either. Just take him outside in your backyard and use kind words like, honey this is where you need to go potty and then tell him to go potty but use a kind voice. Then you could also take him outside every five minutes. I know it’s hard but if you don’t want him to go potty inside the house you have to use every minute of your time to train him.

  11. Pamela D. says:

    Tether him to your leg so he can not stray around the house. Take him out every 20-30 minutes and after sleep, and meals.
    By using those pee pads you gave your dog and any others permission to use your house as a bathroom.
    As for the carpet have a company such as Stanley Steamer come in and tell them about the urine smell and let them clean it good.
    Get the smell out and teach dog to go outside.

  12. MeowPaw says:

    take him out a lot of times for short walks, after you know he is going to pee;
    when he wakes up, after he drink..
    when mine was a puppy i took him about 6 times for short walks so he understood that he needs to pee outside
    and when he pee on the carpet yell at him and take him outside

  13. generation of stupid -_- says:

    here’s a few links on dog training hope this helps!&id=2104286
    do you have any other pets cats or other dogs? he could marking his territory towards the other pets Is he fixed? if he is not fixed he could be marking his territory If he is fixed it could be that you didn’t get the spots were he peed cleaned up well enough and he still smells his pee on that spot and thinks he can keep going there to help him stop going in the house when he does go in the house don’t let him see you clean it up because then he will think that is your job to clean up his pee in the house also what every rag you use to clean it up with put it outside and make him smell it just to get the scent of that’s him and he has to pee outside also if your not crate training him it would help you and the dog to do so also using puppy pads is a invitation to teaching your dog that it’s ok to pee and poop in the house it’s a bad choice for any and everyone also here’s some links on crate training

  14. Leigh says:

    How do you expect him to know the difference between your carpet and the pads? Throw the pads away and start over with training the dog to go outdoors.

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