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What is the smallest horse/pony I can buy?


  1. ♥Pony Girl♥ says:

    I’d say the smallest is 12.2hh.
    I’m 14, 5ft2 and 6 stone 5pounds(I’m underweight). And I feel a 13hh is too small.
    I think ud suit with a 14.2? Try a newforest or welsh or Conemmara as they are skinnier breeds. I wound suggest a Haflinger they may be more cobbier but there temperament is amazing ;)
    Good luck hope I helped :) xx

  2. Ellie Dodd says:

    probs like 8hh but you cant ride it, i think what your trying to say is whats the smallest that i am able to ride is that right? well i would say maybe a 14hh horse, hope this helped. xx

  3. Sophie P says:

    about 13.3hh :) x

  4. Ricky Fook says:

    a my little pony, the clues in the title?

  5. horses_are_my_life says:

    i would say a 14hh or a 14.2hh

  6. Danni says:

    You can get ponies as small at 7-8 hands.. are you meaning smallest height but ride-able? If so then anything around 14 hands. That would be the smallest you should go since you’re likely to grow. Try looking an inch higher than you normally would since you can always grow into the horse.

  7. Amelia Reign says:

    Smallest? I reckon just under 14hh, anything around there should be fine:)

  8. FlyingHorse says:

    i’d say 14hh
    but remember you likely to grow out of it, imagine a couple of years with it teaching you all this stuff and then being to big for it
    i would say look a bit bigger it can still be lean and feel small

  9. Ride him Cowgirl says:

    13 hand high ponies would be great for you. They are a good height and I’m sure you will be able to ride em’.

  10. Chloe Winter says:

    I’m 13 and I’m the same! I like to stick with little ponies rather than bigger horses!
    I think 13.2hh would be ok? I’d go for 14.2hh if you are wanting to keep it for a long time though because you might grow out of it if too small, that’s what happened with me sadly, and its heart breaking! :L

    Good Luck with finding a perfect pony! xxxx

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