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What is a good and inexpensive pet vet in wayne county,NY?


  1. Mo says:

    You can do your research on your own. Go to, enter your area, and search for reviews. And then go to the Better Business Bureau ( and check to make sure they don’t have too many complaints filed against them.

    We all want awesome things for cheap. I can honestly say that my awesome-looking shirt from Wal-mart is not going to hold up as well as my awesome-looking shirt from L.L. Bean. Cheap isn’t always better, and quality and cheap price don’t always go hand in hand.

    I’d rather go to a little bit more expensive of a doctor than one with rock bottom prices when it comes to animal care. If it’s just for shots or something, go to animal control or a cheap vet. For anything else, I recommend not skimping.

  2. Bubbles says:


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