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why is my sceince diet cat food making my cats sick?


  1. tmclone says:

    Because SD is crap. Please feed your cats ONLY a grain-free canned food like home-made or Nature’s Variety Instinct, etc. Just read the labels. The first two ingredients MUST be some form of meat and not by-products, and there should be NO grain whatsoever in the food.

  2. Kathleen says:

    It’s a very low quality cat food.

    Switch to a premium food, like Taste of the Wild.

  3. Starett says:

    Ya there could be something makin them sick, if you can find the brand called medi cal gastro in a major pet store/vet it will help

  4. Connie S says:

    Science Diet USED to be a good food, and they have been living off that reputation for way too long. If you look at the ingredient list you will find there is very little meat in it, and cats are carnivores and need to get their nutrients from meat.

    Dry food also is more likely to cause vomiting in cats. There are several reasons for this, the high plant matter content (cats are carnivores, not herbivores) and the fact that once the dry food hits the fluid in the stomach it expands dramatically – sometimes three times it’s original size so there is now three times the volume of food in the stomach and often there is not enough room. Try feeding a canned diet.

    To read more about feline nutrition, check out a website run by a vet who actually studies feline nutrition.

    as for the dog food… it is too low in the proper nutrients for a cat, and you shouldn’t really let that continue. You risk many nutritional deficiencies which can cause your kitties to become quite sick

  5. Crookshanks says:

    the only science diet that is good is the prescription food. The sensitive stomach food has a lot of corn in it that cats can’t digest so they throw it up. I had this same problem when I was feeding my cats this…when I switched my cats to wellness core..the vomitting stopped and their coats are looking shinier too.

    also..taste of the wild is not reccomended…it is made by the diamond company and they have a factory recall just about every day it seems.

  6. є.l.เ.z.ค. says:

    Its not a good quality food.

  7. Ocimom says:

    Dog food will make them sick. Science diet really is not good food at all. You need to get them on quality food like Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance in both dry and canned foods.

  8. joinme4coffee says:

    I just want to add to what Connie S. said.

    There was a woman on this forum about a month ago. She allowed her cat to eat her dog’s food. Over time because of the taurine deficiency, her cat became blind. Please don’t let your cats eat dog food and feed them a high protein quality canned food.

  9. Alan says:

    Go for Evo Cat, you won’t go wrong. All my cats are feeding with Evo and they have great coat and healthy. Despite all the P&G rumors, I’m still feeding my cats with Evo and they feel great.

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