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When a cat has her tongue hanging out, does it mean that she is sick?


  1. lisasimpson says:

    Hi Lynda. Does your cat have any other symptoms, like can you see that she is breathing differently than normal? Or does she appear to be in any distress? If so, then you should go to a vet if only to set your mind at rest.

    However, if this is a habit of hers and not accompanied by any other signs, it could be that she has just forgotten to put her tongue back in! Sounds silly, I know, but my cat does this. If he gets distracted while he is washing himself, his tongue sticks out of his mouth and stays like that untill he next opens his mouth. He looks a bit daft, but that’s all.

  2. Courty Lumoostic says:

    ummm, it really depends on so many things. ie had cats that panted and it didnt mean anything more than they were hot. but, it could be something serious. like you said, it may be a sign that she stuggling to breathe or something. so, id take her to a vet asap. i had a dog that started sticking her head in the air and breathing funny, and she ended up having a hole/holes in her lung(s), and she had to be put down a year later. so, small things can mean big trouble. i hope shes okay, and good luck. :)

  3. Tanya says:

    All depends on your situation really. I see lots of cats that have had teeth removed and always have there tongue just hanging out but if you are concerned then get it checked by a vet.

  4. Julie S says:

    Our Ocicat does that–not panting or anything, just hanging the tongue out for no apparent reason. I called our vet about it and she said not to worry about it. He looks goofy, but if you tap on his tongue he’ll usually pull it back in. He’s been doing it for few years now and is perfectly happy and healthy. You can call your vet just to be safe. I hope that helps.

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