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what kind of cat is on the Fancy Feast commercials?


  1. Summer says:

    I would say a Chinchilla, I don’t think it has the facial features of a persian. Chinchillas have a white coat with black on the very tips of their hair that makes them look kinda silverish. They have a black outline on their eyes which kind of looks like they’re wearing eye liner. I believe that they are a larger breed of cats and obviously they are demanding in terms of grooming. I think they are typically relaxed kitties. They are beautiful aren’t they?

    1. Sheryl says:

      The kitten in the fancy feast engagement commercial is a Chinchilla Silver Persian, but it is from the Dearheart Chinchilla Persian Liine. The line was almost lost several years ago in a massive fire. They are the oldest man made breed and one of the only breeds left with the ORIGINAL Persian head. (before they bred for the flat face) They are also one of the only breeds with both the Persian and Angora (the original longhaired Angora is now extinct) coats set in.

      They are very relaxed kitties as stated above. They love to touch and grasp you with their paws.

      We purchased our kittens (now cats) from L’Dearheart at Diane Amble

      She usually has a waiting list as you can imagine. We have a list going as well, but we only have 1 to 2 litters a year so our list fills up quickly.

      I hope this was helpful, if you need more info we have it all in our site,

    2. Mary Reid says:

      The cats in the Fancy Feast commercial are Dearheart Persians. We are owners of two of these marvelous cats. Yes, they require daily grooming but they are such loving animals it’s a pleasure to be with them. Dearhearts were bred originally by Jeanne Ramsdale, the wife of a vet in CA, and her book “Persians & Other Longhairs” is a standard in the field. There are very few of these cats and breeders are carefully working to establish a solid gene pool. Yes, they have a black outline to mouth & eyes (called makeup). Yes, their fur is silver tipped. We love our male so much we got another, a female this time. Dearhearts are treasures.

  2. paintedrain2 says:

    The normal cat breed I’ve seen on Fancy Feast commercials, is a white Persian.

  3. hockey_gal9 says:

    That’s a white persian with beautiful green eyes.

  4. r&s mom says:

    I don’t know but my neighbor has a Seal point himalyian that looks very similiar

  5. Linda says:

    The cat is called a Ragdoll. Look it up on google. Beautiful kitten!

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