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What is the smallest turtle you can get that will stay small forever?


  1. Kame says:

    The smallest aquatic turtle (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the smallest turtles in the world!) are the Mississippi Map. The males only grow to 3 or 3.5 inches long and the females grow to about 5 inches long.
    The general rule of thumb is 5 gallons of water per inch of turtle if it’s under 4 inches long and 10 gallons of water per inch after that. So, theoretically, you can keep two males in your 30 gallon tank for life.
    However, that is a general guideline and not a hard and fast rule. As long as you get a filter that is rated for about 90 gallons and provide a floating (so as not to take up water swimming space) baskig platform that is large enough for everybody to sit on all at once, you should be able to keep 3 or so of these tiny turtles in there.
    However, if you’re getting babies, I would stick to the number two because it’s impossible to *censored* babies. If you had all males or all females or one male and one or more females you’d be fine… But if you end up with one female and two or more males, that could start up some aggression and cost you a turtle. You can’t go wrong with two babies. Two 5 inch females are a bit more crowded than the above-stated rule of thumb says, but again, that is a general guideline only and in my experience they’d do fine in your tank.

  2. Peek URGENT prayers for Kira says:

    no turtle can really hang in a 30 gallons.

    Reeves ort musk is the smallest aquatic turtles.

    check out ‘’ for all info fo and care on all species of turtles!

  3. schanookie 24 says:

    male red ear sliders stay at about 8 inches no turles will stay small forever but thats ur problem u want more than one small turtle you cant have more than one male in a tank.

  4. luvexotics says:

    Most muds like the three strip or the stink pot are 3-5 inches. The american spotted pond turtle is also only 3-5 inches. You need 8-10 gallons of water per inch of turtle so one will be able to do a 30 for a little while but you really should do a 40 breeder or larger. If you only have one and it’s a male you might be able to make a 30 work. Either one of these will still need filters, heat, basking spots, UV light, etc.

  5. Holly T says:

    Well, it depends on if you’re talking about a land/water turtle or a strictly aquatic turtle. My daughter volunteers at a local reptile rescue center and we recently adopted a three toed box turtle from them. He is fully grown at 4 inches and so adorable!! He will be able to live in a 30 gallon, but will be happier in the 40 gallon I got him. With any turtle, the more room the better. Remember, the can’t climb, so they need plenty of room to roam around.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I know an Egyptian tortoise is really small..a type of Egyptian tortoise anyways.
    But, a Russian tortoise doesn’t get extremely big, but a 30 gallon tank? Try to get a tortoise or box turtle and keep it outside. Make a little place for it in the corner of your yard and make sure it can’t get out and that it’s protected from big birds.
    A russian tortoise only gets to 4 to ten inches. I’d try to get one of those, but maybe save up and get a bigger tank. But otherwise, a box turtle, three toed box turtles are small, but most box turtles are small anyways.
    Ornate box turtle, western box turtle, three toed box turtle, etc. They’re all small but however, they’re picky on their environment. If they’re unhappy in their habitat, they would rather starve to death.
    So just take these things into consideration. But try to get a bigger tank either way because 30 gallons is pretty small for a tortoise/turtle.

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