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What is the largest domestic cat that I can legally buy in the united states?


  1. BMTHESPIAN says:

    Typically the 2 largest breeds of domestic cats assuming a cat is not just fat are Maine Coon and Ragdolls.

    Servals suggested by some posters are not domestic cats they are wild animals. Savannahs are also not domestic cats but a hybrid between a domestic cat and a wild cat (Serval) and are illegal in several states and cities

  2. *********** says:

    The neighbor has a really fat cat. Maybe he will sell him to you.

  3. Kris says:

    Not sure if they’re legal but Servals are large "domestic" cats. But any cats other then house cats, don’t expect to be friendly and social with you. I used to work with Servals. They were at our sanctuary because they were EX-pets. Someone, like you, thought it would be cool but they were to aggressive. Why don’t you look into the large breed house cats? Ragdolls, MaineCoons… pretty big when full grown. I have a MaineCoon mix and he’s 17lbs, but not fat. Just tall and long. Bigger then most small breed dogs.

  4. Figment 58 says:

    Anywhere in the US a Maine Coon Cat

    Depending on where you live, a foundation Savannah Cat

  5. chris says:

    There are better reasons for having a cat than to be ‘cool’.

    You can legally buy a garden ornament of any size.

  6. VOLTRON says:

    There is a breed known as the Bengal Cat, i think this cat suits your needs accordingly. They are obident and are not known to attack humans or other animals. they do have a bigger diet so remember to start a monthly savings account for its food.

  7. Chris T says:

    There’s a pretty big tie between Maine Coons and Savannah, I have a Savannah, and I can honestly say that he is HUGE. Ironically, even with their size, they are still 100% cat. They love playing, cuddling, and I even take him for walks on a leash/harness. People look at me strange walking an enormous cat down the block. Talk about impact! But take a few things into consideration before going with a large cat. Do you have a big house (if he or she will be an indoor cat mainly) larger cats like these tend to run and play a LOT. They also like climbing (Maine Coons too), so be prepared to build window seats or a giant cat tree for them to climb.

  8. skinnyminnie_17 says:

    Without naming anything thats a hyrid. I think it would be a maine, coon, bengal or a pixie bob.

  9. Anderson says:

    my friend have one
    if you want you can tell me

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