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What is the difference between hermit crabs and fancy hermit crabs?

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  1. Hermit Crab Lady says:

    You’re right, it is the fact that they are in painted shells. Silly, isn’t it? Not only is the paint toxic to the crabs, they can also be stuck in their shells because of it. And most of the crabs in the painted shells were forced in there. So you are paying $1.00 for a crab that is more stressed out, and more likely to die quicker than the "regular" hermit crabs. It’s so dumb! But from a business standpoint, it makes sense because most people don’t know anything about how bad the painted shells are. I’m glad you do!! C:

    The natural shells are prettier anyway. :)

    But don’t hold out on the "fancy" ones just because of their shell. It’s what’s on the inside of the shell that counts! But they are more expensive and I understand completely if that turns you off them. I bought a "fancy crab" one time because he was very outgoing, and I thought he would make a nice addition to my colony. He changed out of his ugly painted shell as soon as I brought him home, but died a few weeks later during a surface molt. :( So they are still good crabs, but still more likely to have complications due to the added stress and possible poisoning via their "fancy" shells, making them not really worth the extra money.

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