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What is the best food to feed my English Mastiff puppy?


  1. Luv big dogs says:

    I have always been told (by vets, breeders, etc.) that giant breeds should never have puppy food. It doesn’t meet the nutritional needs of giant breed puppies. My Mastiff female is currently 6 months and 80 lbs, so she is right on track for the breed. She was started on Nature’s Recipe Adult Lamb & Rice, because that’s what I was feeding my other dog. However, it made her very gassy, which didn’t seem to bother her but wasn’t all too pleasant for me!

    They are now both on Purina Pro Plan Adult Lamb & Rice. Gas has been reduced by about 90%, stool is firm, and I have not had any problems with either dog. I know that it is not Solid Gold, King, Royal Canin, or any of the many ‘top-quality’ foods that you will hear recommended, but it is fairly easy to find (any PetSmart or Petco will carry it), reasonably priced, and seems to work well for my dogs.

    Mind you, I would never feed Purina Dog Chow, but the Pro Plan seems to have comparable ingredients to Nutro, Nature’s Recipe, and many other higher quality foods.

    Good luck!

  2. AAA says:

    I have never owned a mastiff however I babysat one for a week he was a big boy over 100 pounds. He was fed kirkland he looks great his coat was great nice looking dog

  3. Mutt-Dog™ Lover® says:

    Chicken Soup
    Solid Gold
    Any Natura Brand

    Please never use any food from Purina, because they are all crap, and you would never want to feed a pet that you loved the Purina brand. Here is thier website:

    Never use Science Diet, either. That is a very crappy brand. If your dog is ever sick, the vet will recommend Science Diet Prescription Diet. Don’t get it, because it is actually very bad for your pet. Here is their website:


  4. bmthespian says:

    Giant breed puppies should not be fed puppy food at all. A good premium or super premium large breed adult formula is best for him.

  5. JAMIE D says:

    Feed a good quality food I prefer no corn period. Diamond chicken and rice is affordable at $20 for $50# bag, Costco- Kirkland brand adult veggies chicken and rice it really is a good food for about $18 50# bag. Most important is to keep your pup lean in his weight, large breed dogs can develop issues later on if they are over weight as pups.

  6. ABC123 says:

    Giant breeds have different needs than large breeds. Our vet and breeder both said do NOT feed puppy food (ever). Mastiffs need to grow really slow and keep their protein levels low while a puppy. Puppy food (even high quality) has way too much protein for mastiffs.

    In all honesty, any "reasonably" priced food is not a high enough quality for them. Iams, Science diet, etc has too many fillers.
    We buy a brand of food only available at small pet stores that specialize in nutrition. It costs about $50 for a 30 lb bag and lasts us about 3 weeks.
    It seems "over the top" to many but you get what you pay for. I have seen people cut corners on nutrition with their mastiffs and they tend to have more health problems down the road.

  7. Tasha says:

    i have an english mastiff puppy myself, and its bliss. We have tried a few, and the one she seems to love is Hills – it is a vet brand made for LARGE BREED puppies. Make sure you always feed them large breed puppy food – as they need different nutrients than other puppies.

    My vet also recommends Nutri-Source. It is the BEST brand for the English Mastiff puppy. It is also a bit cheaper than the Hills brand.

  8. Jasmine says:

    I have 2 Bullmastiffs. I’ve done extensive research. My girls were on Solid Gold Wolf Cub (large breed pup) until they were 6 months old. Now they’re on Solid Gold Wolf King(large breed adult). Great quality food and reasonable price ($50 for 33lbs). You can get it at Petco or Health Food store. You have to watch the protein and calcium percentage when it comes to giant breed. Puppy food has too much protein. 6 months is a good time to switch to large breed adult food. DO NOT give him calcium supplement.
    P.S. Don’t take nutrition advise from anyone who knows nothing about giant breed. Do your own research.

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