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My dog is suddenly sleeping in a different room?


  1. I luv glee Its awesome says:

    Maybe he just decided to try a new place, my dog often sleeps in new places around the house. I wouldn’t be worried. I doubt that the coughing has anything to do with it, because most dogs don’t mind a little noise when they’re sleeping. His bed could be losing some of it’s fluff, therefore making it colder. There’s a multitude of reasons, but it’s nothing to worry about.

  2. Danielle says:

    Probably. I’d be annoyed too.

  3. Bridie Duchesne says:

    Could be many reason.
    The coughing, if there was any change in temperature and it did’nt like it.
    If you’ve been paying it extra attetion lately it might just want to be with you.

    My dog used to always sleep on my bed. Now she never does she just comes and lays on the floor, don’t no why.

  4. shortstuff says:

    I have 2 Chihuahua’s one 5yrs one 2.5 yrs old and when I watch Tv or do something that makes noise and they want to sleep they just up and leave as well and come back whenever they want.
    So I wouldnt worry about it.

  5. Sheeno says:

    Yeah, he probably just can’t sleep well at night, though I’m guessing that he has more loyalty to you than your mother because usually when it’s owner is sick it will stick by them and protect them from everything. But since he’s going in your room, I guess he’s doing the complete opposite :P he should be back in your parents room soon if he wants, but I wouldnt push him to sleep in a certain area, dogs sleep where they want.

  6. Julie says:

    Maybe you been playing with him a lot, taking him on walks or what? He might want to get closer to you

  7. Judy Christofferson says:

    Little dogs do things like that…to alleviate themselves from problems…like being awakened with your mom’s coughing. As soon as your mom IS well , he’ll" move back in "with her

  8. Ann Lloyd says:

    dogs can sense illness and many other things. i am assuming your mom pays a great deal of attention to him. since she is coughing and may be sick. he is probably not getting the attention he normally get so he has come to you for the attention he needs. i have a jack russell (female) and if she does not get her proper attention, she gets depressed and thinks i’m angry with her. you start giving that baby some extra attention. i don’t believe it’s the cough. extra attention,plz. god bless you and your baby and i will pray mom gets to feeling better

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