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My cat has one ear that is draining ear wax causing a crust at the base,What does this mean?


  1. Café Mocha Valencia says:

    Well it’s definitely nothing that be diagnosed here. Ear mites don’t show themselves as "black specks". They’re too small to see and are more clearish brown. What you tend to see with earmites is a blackish flaky discharge. If this is more a foul-smelling brown discharge then it’s more likely a fungal infection.

    What is the point of this question? There’s no "home remedies" for this. How long has this poor cat been suffering with you doing nothing?

  2. Valerie A says:

    He needs 2 see a vet. Could be an ear infection spreading to the eye. All need vet treatment. It will not go away by itself . Dont try home remedies as u can push the infection into the inner ear and even give him brain damage… sorry but that is what it sounds like. Hope he is neutered and kept as an indoor pet. When they go outside. they pick up all this crap, get diseases, injuries and parasites of all kinds and also get killed. its only a matter of time… good luck.. take care of this.. thanks 4 asking and caring..

  3. Lil_Tiger says:

    It’s time to take kitty to the vet! I’m not a doctor but oozing, leaking, draining, snotty . . . all signs of some type of infection. Some kinds of eye infections in kitties are contagious to people. Make sure you wash your hands after petting kitty. hope your kitty gets better soon.

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