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Is it illegal for a mailman to pepper spray dogs?


  1. ROBERT says:

    Most seasoned mailcarriers have been bitten by one or more dogs. These mailcarriers, therefor, are very careful around any dog, friendly or not. It is not legal for a mailman to randomly spray a dog if that dog is not a threat to him, especially if the dog is safely secured behind a fence.

  2. Dog Section Regular says:

    YES it’s perfectly legal. In fact, it’s encouraged. Mail carriers deal with all kinds of crap, biting and attacking dogs are one of them. This is how they [legally] defend themselves.

  3. Leigh says:

    its probably not illegal, unfortunately and even the animal cruelty laws don’t always punish these criminals with more than probation,even after setting animals on fire, plus he is within his rights as a postal worker to protect himself.What you can do is report anyways and hope he is repremanded at least, i would record him because of course he will say he is protecting himself

  4. Got Pomchi? says:

    If he doesn’t have good reason to be threatened, than yes. Why not video tape him secretely, and turn in the tape to the police? I would also show it to all owners of the dogs who got sprayed. Chances are, the cops will be the least of that worthless idiot’s worries once the owners see that…

  5. jeffkuehn15057 says:

    Only if he is spraying dogs just to spray them.
    Like if he would spray a dog that was just barking and fenced in.
    Remember the dog is just protecting his turf.

  6. nose says:

    it is legal … do you have any idea the fools and their dogs postal people have to put up with ??? over 3000 postal workers a year are bitten so if i was a postal person i would be armed with pepper spray too … dogs don’t need to worry if they are contained and behaved … and pepper spray was introduced by the postal service …

    "Civilian Use Of Pepper Sprays Pepper spray is also known as oleoresin of capsicum (OC) spray and it was actually introduced not by the lawmakers but by the US Postal service in the 1980′s."

  7. Resapoo says:

    It is perfectly legal for mail carrier to pepper spray a dog if he believes that the animal poses a credible threat to him or others, such as loose dog or dog that has the potential to get loose. IMHO, it is better for the animal to be pepper spray and have momentary pain than for the animal to bite the mail carrier and have to be euthanized to be tested for the rabies virus.

  8. x-Jazzy-x says:

    If they are not restrained and try to attack him then he has all right. They actually use some spray called "halt"

    Mailmen get schooled on dog behavior.
    They don’t spray dogs that are properly restrained/fenced in and they don’t spray just for barking. That would be uncalled for. They spray dogs that pose a risk to their safety and they have every right to.
    Your friend is a great exaggerator. Common sense says a guy like that randomly spraying ever dog that barks (90% of them) would get complaints and be out of a job.

  9. Dream S says:

    hmm…i wouldnt say it was illegal, but I do know its cruelty to animals considering that your hurting that animal. If someone were to pepper spray my dog though id probably end up beating the crap outta him. -__- and end up making him loose his job.

  10. sisu says:

    It is illegal for the dogs to running loose. The mailman has the right to protect himself. He does not have the time and is not required to temperament test every dog on the street. Don’t be surprised if animal control picks up all the dogs roaming the street.

  11. Ch Mickey UD says:

    Most likely not, postal workers are issued pepper spray to protect them. It is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep the dog from hindering or threatening the mail carrier. Unfortunately they get bitten all the time, so they have good reason to be wary.

  12. oh noo! says:

    I would report him no animal should go through that abuse.

  13. Elaine M says:

    No, it’s not illegal. The post office does NOT want their carriers bitten, they’re allowed to carry it. If the owners don’t keep the dogs behind fences, the carrier can spray the dogs to protect themselves.

    Look at it this way–if someone’s dog bites a mail carrier and the owner can’t provide proof the dog had a rabies vaccination that was current, the city can confiscate the dog and ‘test’ for rabies. This involves killing the dog to examine the brain for the virus.

  14. Lacey UD says:

    If the mail carrier feels threatened by a dog he has the legal right to pepper spray it. He can also force the owner to pick up the mail at the post office if he feels that the dog is a danger. If the dog is running at large, the whole neighborhood can be forced to pick up their mail at the post office.

  15. Little Bitty says:

    I’d say that counts as abuse, because it does cause pain to the animal.

    If the dogs are kept behind fences and are ONLY barking, there’s no reason to spray the dogs.

  16. Tierra says:

    It is if the dogs are behind a fence and contained. If this is true then the mailman needs to be reported before he seriously injures a dog.

  17. papaw says:

    The pepper spray, which IS legal, is used as a self defense mechanism by the postman, It is also a message to the dog owners that they need to control their dog if thmey don’t want it peppersprayed.


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