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How soon can you tell if your dog is pregnant? How long does it take for a dog to get pregnant?


  1. lilbit says:

    Yes she has to be in heat to get pregnant. Signs of pregnancy include increased appetite, enlarged nipples, after 30 days she will start to get a little fatter, less activity after about 30 days.

    Two weeks after breeding she may experience morning sickness. It can last a week or so.

    In the 4th week you may notice thickening of her sides, between her ribs and hip bone. She may start to show any time after 5 weeks. Larger breeds may carry the pups up in her rib cage so it might not be so easy to notice. Most dogs show at 6-7 weeks. You may notice a normal discharge somewhere in the last couple of weeks. The discharge is clear and has the consistency of thick vaseline and is oderless.

    In the 8th week you can feel the puppies kick and turn around.

    In the 9th week her belly will start to change shape. It appears to lay lower to the ground. This is caused from the pups lining up in the uterine horns. In a human is called when the belly drops. By the 9th you should have started recording her temperature, and have all your whelping supplies on hand. Her bed needs to be ready for the big day.

    If you want a definate answer, you have to wait until around the 53 day of gestation, take her to your vet and have an x-ray. The skeletons will show up on film around that time. But you have to be accurate on when they did tie.

  2. Killa R says:

    It depends on her breed on how soon you can tell if she is pregnant- Call you vet as he/she will need to do some tests.

    Just like any other mammal once is enough and by the time you saw it- she could have already been "getting" pregnant.

    Yes your dog would need to be in heat for her to get pregnant- That is their ovulation cycle. However dogs can come into heat pretty fast so even if you did not notice that she was in heat earlier she could have been by the time the dog met up with yours. Most bitches will try to snap at a male trying to mount if they are not in full heat. However there are some very nice bitches that are more tolerant.

  3. cayusecrazy says:

    It doesn’t take long but they usually need to tie up, It will be didfficult to tell if she is bred for up to about 3 weeks. Please get her spayed. There are way too many dogs out there

  4. silver_wolf77 says:

    normally she will get bigger (duh!) and she will begin to be more calm and want more things to herself or be more sleepy and territorial. She will also develope "breasts" or nipples for the new puppies

  5. kcs says:

    It varies from breed to breed.If you have a smaller dog,then generally you can tell a bit easier.My dog,a boxer rotwieler mix was pregnant,and we didn’t even know!She was so big,we didn’t realize untill she started popping out puppies on my bed (that’s sort of ew,i know).Take her to the vet,and he/she will answer your questions.

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