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How often should I dose my rabbit with penicillin?


  1. Angelfish says:

    whoa, hold on their! penicillin can be VERY bad for bunnies (especially *censored* penicillin). even sub-Q its not a particularly predictable drug. first of all, to determine the dosage, i need to know the rabbits weight, and are you using penicillin G procaine or penicillin G benzathine?
    Also, penicillin is not a great drug to use in fighting an upper respiratory infection. What vet are you going to? I’m not sure he knows what he is doing. Oh and one other thing, you need to be very careful not to hit a nerve with that needle or you could paralyze the rabbit. Please edit your question to include bunnies weight and type of penicillin.

  2. kissmeimirish says:

    NEVER!!! penicillin and penicillin derivatives are toxic to rabbits!! do not give that drug to your rabbit.

  3. uuchurchlady says:

    By by bunny. You had better find a breeder in your area who will give you better advice. If your bunny has an upper respiratory disease it needs proper veterinary attention.

  4. Erin says:

    Penicillin is fine either sub q or IM. Just don’t give it orally. Completely Angora says one cc per day for three days when treating mastitis on a 9 lb rabbit. Personally I would consult with a rabbit savvy vet who might prescribe a better antibiotic for respiratory issues than penicillin. Zithromax or baytril come to mind.

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