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How many pellets should i feed my betta?


  1. SiennaRocky says:

    0 pellets are not good for bettas. They would much rather have freeze dried bloodworms

  2. roger says:

    Yes you are right, you should not feed the betta with too much food.
    It is very difficult to advise you how much food you can give. As a guide one feeding a day should be enough – about three pellet per feed. Monitor the feed and increase it by one pellet on the next feed.

    As long as the betta is taking 2 or 3 pellet you should not worry because bettas are small eater. I have not heard of a betta died from hunger but it is very common to have complaint of bettas dying from over feeding.

  3. Kevy says:

    I suggest 3-5 pellets 2-3 times a day.

  4. Ianab says:

    You should judge how much YOUR betta want’s to eat. If it’s actually eating all the food you give it then it will be fine. The main danger is putting in too much food, the fish can’t eat it all and it rots and pollutes the water = dead fish.

    But what you are feeding sounds a sensible amount, it’s very difficult to actually starve a fish, as long as you give it some food. So if in doubt, feed a bit less as it’s less dangerous than overfeeding.


  5. ♠♠Different♥♥ says:

    Just feed him 4 pellets a day that will last him for 24 hours because when I was fishing i used bait (worms) and I asked my brother if we should feed the fish again and he said overfeeding them will make them die and the worm that we used as bait will last them for the whole day.

  6. Josh says:

    Read the directions on your beta food… i use flakes for my beta and it says give the fish enough food so it takes him about 3 minutes to eat it all and feed twice a day

  7. Kat says:

    if he eats everything then it’s absolutely fine. I think 4 twice a day is a little much but my betta only eats 3 pellets once a day.

    if you want to monitor how much is enough you can always look at the size of his belly – an overfed betta will big and round. if you feed him just right it will look smaller then this. an overfed betta will look like this:,r:1,s:0

    if you think you are overfeeding him then just fast him for a day or two. and of course a betta would eat most of what you put in there – many are opportunistic feeders (this is not to say ALL of them are, some do stop when hungry, but other keep eating) so might not stop when full.

    to underfeed is better than to overfeed – a fish won’t die from hunger unless it hasnt eaten in over 2 weeks.

    best of luck

  8. Ditto T says:

    2-3 pellets once or twice a day.

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