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How long should I give my canary eggs to hatch? Has a mate. Been 17 days she is still sitting on them?


  1. BirdLady says:

    Just curious to know if you’ve candled your eggs or not. Candling is a great way to find out if the eggs are even fertile. It is a myth that touching bird eggs will cause the parents to abandon the nest so don’t worry about that.
    Here’s an article about candling your birds’ eggs. If they haven’t hatched in the next couple of days, candle them. Gestation for canaries genearlly runs 13-14 days so 20 days is stretching it a bit. If your canaries are first time parents, the eggs may not be fertile. My hen laid 5 clutches of infertile eggs before she and her mate got their act together and had a fertile clutch. If the clutch is infertile and you plan to let them try again, please remember to give your female a calcium supplement to replenish what she’s lost by laying the eggs she’s sitting on now before starting a new clutch. Good luck!

  2. David R says:

    Hey just leave them alone they will hatch around the 20 to 30 days this happened to me they hatched. Around the 27 day. Breeder for many years.

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