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How long is a chiweenie dog usually pregnant?


  1. Praying For Zoe and Gizmo! says:

    Why are you breeding more Mutts, when there are thousands of them dying in shelters everyday? If you would have taken your dog to the vet like you should have, you would have known how many puppies your dog is carrying, if she will be able to whelp (deliver) the puppies on her own or need a C-Section, which I hope you have $2000-$3000 saved up to pay for just in case and you would have known an approximate due date. I hope you know how to spot and handle complications on your own, so you don’t end up losing your female trying to give birth to her puppies, because you did not have her Spayed when you should have and you have no experience breeding dogs.

    1. Shannon says:

      You people are ignorant, just plain ignorant. Treating people like that and acting like you were born perfect. We bought a chiweenie and love her all the same. Just because she is what you call a “mutt”, why can’t she have puppies? Our only dog Sundae is a chiweenie and currently pregnant. I would NEVER send her puppies to a shelter, they will either go to good families or stay with us! We have a home over 4000 sq ft so I am sure we have the our little girls are BESIDE themselves with happiness that our Sundae is having babies. We are doing alot of research and getting regular vet check-ups. If you follow the correct guidelines, you will be fine breeding your “mutt”. Some people need to take the PLANK out of their own eyes before judging another person’s SPLINTER.

  2. Livi says:

    dogs are pregnant between 56 and 63 days! p.s. the puppies sound adorable!

  3. Rayven ~ Life's a B says:


    Gee thanks for confirming the fact you don’t have a clue about breeding.

    Same as every other dog mutt or pure 60-65 days

  4. Julie says:

    63 days is the usual time. What kind of dog is the father of these pups?

  5. Pink Teacup Pachyderm! says:

    "chiweenie" dogs should not be allowed to get pregnant in the first place

    dogs are pregnant approx 63-65 days. Its irresponsible to breed your mutt, its irresponsible to fail to do research before even planning a litter, and its also irresponsible not to take your dog to the vet for prenatal care (you obviously failed on the vet care since you are asking here, instead of your vet!)

    Get your dog SPAYED after this litter is weaned.. and make sure the pups go to homes that will spay and neuter them as well.

  6. AutumStar22 says:

    Are you seriously asking this question???? It is the same as any other dog. Go get he fixed after she has her puppies, but will have to wait till the puppies are 6 to 8 weeks to have her spayed. Do it then and stop causing the shelters to fill up with unwanted Mutts!

  7. Alanarama says:

    read the answers to your previous question

  8. Chuckles ♥ German Shepherds says:

    Somewhere around 63 days, could be more, could be less. As I said before, speak with your VET!

  9. ♥Chigirl is a she Wolf says:

    With ALL dogs, gestation last 60-65 days. 63 days on average or 9 weeks.

  10. Leala says:

    To “Praying For Zoe and Gizmo!” You know you act like you are perfect, which in fact you are one of the “MUTTS” that is with the population that ACTS like a KNOW-IT-ALL. What the hell are these sites here to ask questions for if people are just going to get people like you just belittling them. I hope you grow up some day. You should learn how to talk to people and TREAT People if you treat people the same way you talk to them.

    And as for all you other ARROGANT people out there, GROW UP. At least people ask questions and not just assume or go with the flow.

    AS FOR THE PERSON WHO ACTUALLY POSTED THE QUESTION: Don’t listen to these MUTTS on here, they have a butt load of growing up to do. Your Chiweenie sounds adorable and I wish you the absolute best for her.


    So on this NOTE… IF someone asks a question don’t respond the them unless you can be human about it…

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