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How do I know if my cat is done giving birth?


  1. proudmamaof2 says:

    When the kittens are out????

  2. chaos2create says:

    when she eats one of them and leaves

  3. Derrick says:

    When she is breathing calmly and eating regularly. Tell me how much you had please and then I can see if it seems that its done.

  4. Smokies Hiker says:

    She’ll come around and want fed! She will likely have had the kittens in a spot she feels is "safe" for them, so it will be in an out of the way quiet place nearby. She’ll come and eat so she can nourish the kittens, and then disappear back to their location.

  5. ? says:

    If the queen is really done she will relax, lay calmly with the kittens. She may get up to eat and drink, especially if she hasn’t during the birthing. My general rule of thumb is to wait with my queen one hour after she has delivered, what I think is the last kitten. Then check on her regularly for another hour. Then I presume she is done and change her bedding. On a rare occasion a queen will surprise me with an unexpected kitten a few hours late.

    If you rcat is pushing for more than one, or two hours at the very most, and no kitten is coming then you have an emergency on your hands and need vet assistance immediately.

  6. scotsladye says:

    Has the placenta come out? This is also known as the after birth and is the last thing to happen. This is a natural process and sometimes can take a long time. She’ll know when she’s done.

  7. amy_mcalvin says:

    Generally, there are six cats at the most. After 24 hours, the mom should be finished delivering.

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