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How do i get my guinea pig to like/trust me?


  1. Carol says:

    Guinea pigs are prey animals so it is perfectly normal for them to run form you. Guinea pigs can not see well so it takes a long time for them to recognize you from eye sight.Always walk to the cage slowly and talk softly to it, and always pet the guinea pig before picking it up, this way it knows you are not the predator.

    May I suggest the Towel Trick to calm your guinea pig, go to My You Tube site and view The Towel Trick.

    Wrap your guinea pig in a towel and lie it on your chest ( the sound of your heart beat is comforting to it) while you are watching TV, reading a book or listening to music. Guinea pigs love music. Carry it about the house as you do your day, guinea pigs love doing your day with you.Set it in your lap while your are on the computer, my Miya loves the sound of the keyboard and purrs to it!!
    Talk softly to it and pet the towel thus you are petting the guinea pig through the towel

    .After doing this for about 2 weeks for about 2 hours a day your will have a very calm guinea pig, that has bonded to you, you are its companion. It will be excited to see you come into the room.The great thing here is you achieved this by simply inviting your guinea pig into your daily routine, you did not make any special time for it. At this point you may not have to use the towel, however, some guinea pigs do become attached to their towel as my Miya did.

    Also view How I potty Train, in this video i show you how to teach your guinea pig to be on the bed with you for extended amounts of time. They find this very calming and they feel very loved doing this. Most will soon be running up and down the full length of the bed and will do so until it needs a nap which it will take with you, they will cuddle up next to you and sleep!!

  2. pop star 1612 says:

    write him a long letter explaining how you feel, then read it to him

  3. Kristen says:

    Well how long have you had him? Guinea pigs are always skiddish in the beginning…give a little while, he will come around!

  4. Kevin7 says:

    You treat it kindly.

  5. A Janneh says:

    Guinea pigs are always skiddish when you first get, so guinea pigs can take months or even years to tame, to get your guinea pig to trust you try feeding him directly out of your hand, and if you only have one guinea pig try getting another one guinea pigs will do good with a playmate and get another male to prevent breeding, but be careful some males can be aggressive towards each other. But getting another cage mate will get your guinea pig use to interaction overall making him more use to you.

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