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How can you tell if a dove is a male or female?


  1. FireKin says:

    The International Dove Society says female doves typically weigh about 160 g, or about 5 oz., while the male weighs 180 g, or about 6 oz. Male doves often have more square heads than females. If the doves look the same, you may have a same- *censored* pair….other than that there’s really no way to tell physically.

  2. Rance Mayfield says:

    by if it has a *censored* or *censored*

  3. DJMarioSplash says:

    Usually, any type of male birds would puff themselves up to show how MASCULINE or MACHO they look in front of all of the ladies (birds of course…) to win their hearts.

    Just search for all the "puff-uped" birds, they are usually the male birds.

    P.S. Doves are the cousin of the pigeon.

  4. Asshole says:

    What kind of doves are you wanting to get? Like most animals, as you shop around for the right animal to raise healthy to one day insert your seed maker into, you most often just have to lift the tail and look. Remember that two holes are better than one (if you are male) and you will be surprised by the success. Intimate trust goes a long way when training your animals. So I would say if you are male then you want a female, or if you are female you want a male. If you are female the opposite is true. You just need to roll the animal over, pretend like you want to rub its soft white belly and just massage that area until that little red/pink flesh rocket pokes out and you can help milk the little feller. I would recommend animals larger than birds and animals with less vicious teeth or talons that may injure you if you are not a successful trainer.

    Good luck. Also I would not recommend going to the ER and explaining how your seed maker got all scratched up and how you got rabies. They will tell their friends and post it on Facebook. . .it sucks

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