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How can I tell if my ferret is descented?


  1. More Dooks says:

    Descenting is a procedure that removes their anal sacs. Since these are inside their body, there’s no easy was to see whether or not they’re still there.

    If you have Marshall ferrets, they will likely have two small blue dots tattooed into one of their ears. Marshall does this to track which ferrets have had operations before they get sent out. One dot is is given when they are spayed/neutered and the other is given when they are descented.

    Descenting doesn’t actually change a ferret’s natural body odour at all, it just removes their ability to produce a concentrated odour when they’re frightened (like the way a skunk sprays). Good ways to control odour are to:
    1. Feed a very high quality food without too many vegetables or fish in the first 5-10 ingredients. Raw diet is even better.
    2. Scoop their litter box often
    3. Wash their bedding often
    4. Bath the ferret LESS often (bathing strips the oils out of their coat and they start to produce a ton of oil to replace it)
    5. There are sprays you can buy at pet shops that sort of perfume your ferret’s coat if you really can’t stand the natural smell

  2. Evan's mom says:

    Another GREAT way to minimize the smell is Marshall Bi-Odor. My guys don’t smell any more than a dog or cat and my apartment doesn’t smell like them at all either. A $10 bottle has lasted me 2 months.

    Yes, check for the dots on the ears, mine both have them. Other than that you’d probably have to go to a vet.

    Are you feeding them ferret food or kitten food? If kitten food stop ASAP and get some high quality ferret food.

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