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is it dangerous if my cat accidently licked Frontline Plus flea medication?


  1. Texas McCoy says:

    No matter what brand they are, all flea medications that are in liquid form meant to be put on the animals’ back, contain chemical pesticides. These are designed to interfere with vital systems of the fleas, such as the nervous system or respiratory system. All chemical pesticides are poisonous to some extent. This does not necessarily mean that it will kill anything that ingests it, but it can make your pet very sick, depending on how much was ingested.

    I had a cat almost die one time from licking Advantage off his fur. And yes, I did put it on the right way, just as the directions said. But somehow he ended up licking some of it anyway and spent 3 days doing nothing but laying in one spot, not eating or drinking or anything else, just looking like he was going to die. Fortunately he pulled out of it, and I have never used any sort of chemical treatment for fleas and ticks on my animals ever again!

    Keep a close watch on your cat. If he seems like he’s getting lethargic, not moving around much, sleeping alot like he’s ill, then he may be sick from the flea treatment. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not you think he needs to see the vet if this happens, but if it’s possible to call an after-hours vet and ask advice over the phone, that might be a wise thing to do anyway, no matter what happens.

    Good luck, I hope your kitty is OK =^.^=

  2. Jessica says:

    With that stuff you’re supposed to put it where they can’t lick it, behind their neck. I don’t know how much damage a cat can get from Frontline but its probably not very good. From now on, don’t put frontline anywhere their tongue can reach. This is very important, because they will lick it. Just watch your kitty and make sure he is acting ok, but it should be fine as long as he doesn’t lick anymore

  3. thxbai says:

    What do you mean the injected area? You aren’t supposed to inject Frontline, it’s a topical treatment.

    If you mean he licked some of the ointment off, that’s probably okay – it’s designed to be safe for ingestion in small amounts, however it IS a poison so you need to keep an eye on him. If he starts acting funny – lethargy, stops eating or drinking, or any other obvious signs of illness – bring him to the vet immediately.

    Where did you apply it? You’re supposed to do it between their shoulder blades, right behind their head. They shouldn’t really be able to get at it there.

  4. Cutie says:

    on the package there should be a phone number that you can call to find out. Where did you put it on him? I don’t like Frontline i use advantage, but i put in in the back of their neck between the shoulder blades where they can’t lick it.

    I’m pretty sure you kitty will be ok, after 2 hours is won’t be as concentrated in the area. watch your kitty for different behavior especially acting drunk.

  5. tonya k says:

    no i dont think so my cat licks it all the time

  6. ashley says:

    really? have you never seen a cat lick themselves? they can reach behind there, and if your cat cannot, they can scratch with thier back paws and lick their paws. really? think about it.

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